viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011


Some time a go I bought a new sketchbook, but the low quality of the paper limit my ideas to work with ballpoint pen. Thus, in the development of the first pages I began to make works in the the way I never done, cause I have never used the reality as a matter of my work. I have never used a reference to make my illustrative artwork, cause I always believe only in head and my aesthetic values... now I'm trying to make sketches of what my eyes think are interesting to draw, doing it in the shortest possible time without being very careful with the line, looking a little more for expression as well as less fear to drawing.

Hace algún tiempo adquirí un nuevo cuaderno de dibujos; la baja calidad del papel limito mis ideas a trabajar con bolígrafo. Así, en el desarrollo de las primera páginas empecé a realizar trabajos de la manera en que nunca lo he hecho, ya que nunca he utilizado la realidad como materia de mi trabajo. Nunca he utilizado un referente para facturar mis ilustraciones, y siempre he dependido de mi cabeza y de mis valores estéticos… ahora estoy intentando realizar bocetos de lo que mis ojos creen que es interesante dibujar, y lo hago en el menor tiempo posible sin ser muy cuidadoso con la línea, buscando tener un poco más de expresión, así como también menos temor al dibujar. 

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  1. I like how your lines in simple way show all the essential things of the theme in your drawing. And at the same time looks and feels that is your.

    Is wonderful to see how your talents are rising up and are embracing more and more subjects and matters.


  2. I like how your line in simple way show the essential things in the theme of your drawing. And at the same time still looks and feels that is your.

    I am happy to see how your talents are rising up and are embracing more and more subjects and matters.

  3. Love the new work in your sketchbook. I've been following this project since it started so it's really nice to see it come along. It's looking great and I love how you use words with picture. How the lines flow over to the next the page so easy. Very nice work!

  4. Thanks you Michael for your words! Greetings


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